6 Books That Will Broaden Your State of Conciousness

Conciousness expansion is a term used to describe an increased sense of awareness. Ever since the dawn of day mankind has been discovering new knowledge, new horizons and new truths. New experience is symbiotic with the evolution of the human mind, body and spirit. A healthy mind can endeavor to reach new heights and a satisfying sense of enlightenment when it opens up to the wonders of unknown territory.

So now, let’s take a gander at a few popular mind-opening books that may bestow unto their readers a new perspective on the reality of the world we live in.


Unthink: Why You Don’t Think The Way You Think You Think (2014)

A mind-bending title suggests that this book might be a very tricky digest, but, when read slowly it actually simplifies some (popular) psychological queries that can help one better understand the intricacies of the human mind. Asides from uncovering the power of red clothing, this is a book that highlights the strength of the subconscious and the notion that there is in fact no such thing as free will.

The God Delusion (2006)

In the opening pages of this book a definition of the word “delusional” is provided. From there on in the author pens a powerful polemic designed to debunk the possible existence of any of the God’s that have been animated since the beginning of time. The God Delusion can be an unsettling read for some, also at times it may seem boring and scientific albeit truthful and honest. Apart from being a persuasive read, it still fails to disprove in entirety the existence of any God or afterlife.

The Game: Penetrating The Secret Society Of Pickup Artists (2005)

For the chumps out there that can’t get the leg over comes a pick-up trick book full of jibs and jabs that are (supposedly) sworn to bring success to the all important mating game. An entertaining read although it can ultimately be described as an example of pop psychology. The first few chapters lay down all of it’s most solid lessons and after that it becomes a long-winded story about the author’s escapades on Hollywood Boulevard. On anothe note; according to reviews it enraged a lot of female readers because it uncovered the truth behind a charm that women often fall for.

Animal Farm (1945)

From the amazing scribe that created 1984 is the infamous short novel that reflects the ills of the Stalinist dictatorship. Animal Farm weighs-in at less than 100 pages so many voracious readers will be able to devour it in less than one day. As a sociopolitical allegory, Animal Farm presents a perspective on the inequitable dynamics of society and the inevitable destiny faced by individuals in relation to their circumstances and positioning in society.

Sex At Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means For Modern Relationships (2010)

An easy and interesting read that ponders over the question that aks if we evolved more directly from bonobos or chimpanzees, and ultimately, are we designed to be monogamous or to engage in multiple sexual relationships? Sex At Dawn posits an argument suggesting that monogamy might go against our naure, however, more recently a counterpart called Sex At Dusk has been published and it apparently refutes all claims made by Sex At Dawn.

The Doors of Perception (& Heaven and Hell) (1954)


“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite.” William Blake of the Romanticism era penned a poem that inspired the title of Aldous Huxley’s short story which documents his philosophical account of a mescaline trip experienced in California in the mid 1950’s. Huxley was overwhelmed by the eye-opening powers of psychedelic substances and he firmly believed that all adults of a sound mind and body should exploit psychedelic substances for all of their worth. The Doors of Perception (& Heaven and Hell) is an intensely colorful account of a regular environment as perceived by the very irregular eyes of psychedelia. Note: This book also influenced the legendary Jim Morrison to name his band “The Doors.”