A Lesson Worth Sharing

I met a wise man in a pub a few years ago. We had a good conversation. He gave me a wonderful piece of advice. He told me about “the power of suggestion” and he told me that I have this power and you have this power and we don’t use it enough but we should! He told me that my power and your power is strong enough to change somebody’s day for the better. All you need to do to exercise this power is to pay somebody a compliment:

Tell somebody that they look lovely today. Compliment somebody’s style. Compliment somebody’s good work. Compliment somebody’s decision-making. Compliment somebody’s nice smile. Paying a compliment won’t cost you a penny yet it may have a priceless effect on somebody’s mood. It may have a priceless effect on how somebody feels. If you like the idea of setting goals for yourself perhaps you should make it your goal to be more generous in paying out compliments. It may be a good goal to strive for.