Be Good to Yourself Young Fellow

Don’t worry young fellow everything is going to be grand

You’ll be dead some day and so too will everybody else

And when that happens nothing in the world will matter

Not you nor your ma nor your best friend.

Nobody will matter at all because you’ll all be dead,

Withered into worm food, you’ll all be brown bread.


But for the here and now young fellow know as much as this:

You’ll have plenty of shit friends and they’ll come and go

But if you’re lucky you might meet some great people too

Remember to keep those people sweet.

Be kind and be greedy but don’t be too selfish

Discipline yourself, respect your health and don’t be too lazy


Don’t dwell on the past because the future doesn’t last

And all the shoulda coulda wouldas won’t help you feel happy.

Love might find you some day and that’s a nice prospect

It might creep up on you and bite you on the bum, so, be hopeful.

You yourself, young fellow, are the most important entity of all

Therefore learn to be good to yourself before you’re too good to anyone else.